Our Network at Your Disposal

Work with confidence – multinational network of capable native bilingual attorneys provide a streamlined, secure filing process.

True bilingual support and services.

When it comes to smooth and effective clearance for intellectual properties overseas, it is crucial for the attorneys at hand to not only be knowledgeable in the respective language, but to also be familiar with the unique filing procedures and laws surrounding the region of interest.

While many competing firms have attorneys that are only capable of handling domestic cases, our practice features a multilateral network of local, bilingual attorneys that are capable of handling foreign filing cases as well as native, local attorneys in their respective regions.

Our practice effectively employs the joint merits of domestic and international patent firms with branches and attorneys located in the respective Asian regions and the United States. Specifically, our US branch is able to obtain current patent information and spread it through our network of international patent offices, and vice versa. This in turn not only streamlines and secures the filing process, but also eliminates excess expenses regarding examination and communication fees that are usually incurred through individual patent law firms, bringing our clients hassle-free services in establishing international presence.