Invest In Your Ideas Globally

Competitive fee structures and bulk filing package plan help you secure your ideas on a global scale

Your ideas matter, and we’re here to help.

We understand the intimidation behind obtaining protection of intellectual assets overseas. This is especially true for small businesses and start ups in facing budget constraints considering the scope of the application, the required translations, as well as the stretch of paperwork required for filing. However, in a rapidly expanding global commerce, the need for securing intellectual property rights has become more crucial than ever for the preservation and expansion of businesses in the forthcoming future. Business owners and innovators alike must look past the short term constraints and focus on the long term prospective to secure the future of their businesses by seeking both local and international patent protection.

Our practice values the right for innovators to protect their intellectual assets, and acknowledges the need in doing so. We support the growth of innovation and businesses through educating innovators on both domestic and foreign filing procedures, as well as by offering comprehensive protection services featuring competitive attorney fees and discount package plans for multinational bulk filing orders. Our professionals incorporate research experienced technological prowess in accurately transcribing your novel item, and offer close support with clients through counseling on effective filing strategies catered to individual business needs and goals. We provide all the tools necessary for the investment of your ideas onto the global platform.