One Stop Filing Services

All the administrative work in one office: eliminate repetitive work and slash costs through our responsive all-in-one network.

Extensive international services, localized.

Our practice offers a comprehensive, one-stop full service for Asian patent applications. One-stop service means that upon our receipt of your intellectual property information and your instructions, Masuvalley and Partners will modify and prepare the application to conform to the various formats and requirements placed by each respective countries. Through this system, clients are saved from the hassle of submitting multiple requests and submissions, as well as payments required for the numerous revisions incurred through each individual law firm per country filed. We do it all here – with one package price.

Since our network of US, Japan, China, South Korea, and South East Asian experts are able to collaboratively work on one invention simultaneously throughout the respective regions, our clients receive high quality documentation at a reduced cost by eliminating duplicated work. This in turn, not only slashes costs from the repetition of administrative work, but also promotes smooth filing practices, ensuring reliability and timeliness.